Prototyping and Testing Facilities @ SCEI

In addition to infrastructure support startups, especially those focussed on hardware products, need to go through several iterations of prototyping and testing before the product could be launched in the market. Prototypes are needed for team discussions, understanding usability, gathering user insights and for user testing. To enable our startups to have easy access to the required facilities, SCEI has a well-planned setup for R&D, prototyping, and testing.

The Innovation Lab at SCEI consists of three 3D printers, each of different size, to cater to varied demands of the startups. In addition to these, the lab also has three laser cutting machines that enable quick prototyping and engraving of 2D objects. For startups requiring hard-core manufacturing setup, SCEI also has a commercial CNC Vertical Machining Centre. To help startups working in electric vehicles and renewable energy sectors, we have state-of-the-art research and testing facilities such as wind turbine emulators, solar PV research systems, engine research systems, etc. Equipment like distillation units, chemical reactors, electron microscope, kinematic viscometer etc are used by innovators and entrepreneurs working in the area of waste management and sustainability.

For startups using AI and ML applications, SCEI also has Nvidia DGx High power workstations, Nvidia AGX Zavier, HP high end workstations, etc. SCEI also strives to cater to the needs of specific startups by purchasing required software, tools and equipment.  In addition, the startups also have access to Symbiosis Institute of Technology's workshop which houses various machines such as CNC Lathe, milling, wood-working etc along with research equipment in various labs related to electronics, semiconductors, nanotechnology, medical imaging, material science, CAD/CAM, etc.