Symbiosis Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Complementary, comprehensive, & multilingual school education platform to provide affordable learning and accessibility across languages and geography. Its mainly aimed for the lower social echelons i.e. children of families which are at the bottom of pyramid.


Easebuzz is an online platform which allows merchants (sellers) to come onboard & create their own digital shop/webstore to sell their products online. You can create your digital web-store in 2 mins with just 2 KYC documents on easebuzz . We are a licenced payment aggregator with the HDFC bank which allows us to give payment API's to sellers who want to accept payments from their own website. Our portal is an IT-enabled solution with strong analytical & payment services that allows any seller to measure daily sales and keep a track of their transactions. Our target segment is small & medium sector enterprises which comprises of 2 focus groups where we want to position ourselves : Education and Ecommerce. Our vision is to enable online selling for merchants who find it difficult to go online without IT knowledge.


Zwing, a B2C module startup by Roxfort Technologies, is an vPOS (Virtual Point of Sale) service which provides a self checkout alternative to overcome the shortcomings of offline shopping. The self checkout feature works on the app by scan and pay method; scanning the product's barcode, adding them to cart and paying through any contemporary mode of payment. It also provides a platform for retail outlets to present their products and various offers to the customers. The module is available in the form of mobile application across two platforms, i.e. Android and iOS.

Crowd Share

Crowd Share is a real estate investment management company whose aim is to reduce the pain and increase transparency in property investment by making available pre-vetted properties to individual investors while increasing access to capital to smaller builders. The vision of the firm is to be a global stock exchange for property all over the world by creating a stock exchange-like platform which would issue units against the listed properties. Anyone with a basic internet and financial access can invest as little or as much as they want in a globally diversified portfolio thereby spreading their risk like a stock exchange. Apart from capital gains earned on sale at the end of three years monthly dividends in the form of rental would be earned as per share holding.


The startup "Envirevo" provides a composite platform for environmental evolution. Primary operations of Envirevo include solid waste management and manufacturing of Bio-CNG and Bio-fertilizer. Envirevo is one of those rare establishments, which is committed to solving the current problems of the environment and striving for evolved strategy innovation for healthier future.  Envirevo has started its first manufacturing unit in Pune where it manufactures high grade Liquid Organic fertilizers from Biogas Wastes and Animal Farm wastes. The Fertilizers are unique and can be used in all types of crops and cultivation. Some of our beneficiaries are TreePublic India Foundation, Happy Valley Organic Tea, Srikrishna Nursery.

So far, we have been mainly focussing on implementing microbes as soil nutrient enhancer but in our upcoming endeavour we aim to produce organic-fertilizers by means of composting and solid waste conditioning. Apart from our organic-fertilizer goals, our team is working on effective organic-pesticides and certain specific herbal fungicides production. Our basic aim is to provide a wholesome approach to free the classical cultivation techniques from toxic chemical usage. Our other range of products includes plant growth promoters and growth boosters. Furthermore, we will be using Municipal Solid Waste as our primary slurry to aid the city waste management plan along with bio-fertilizer production.

Envirevo has recently started its own organic farming of vegetables, fruits and spices and also some important medicinal herb cultivation projects in West Bengal. Also, Envirevo is committed to creating a parallel to the classical medicines and gift us and our future generations a sustainable tomorrow.

Thus as our tagline says – “We think Tomorrow”, our activities are focused in providing us a sustainable tomorrow.