SCEI offering: SCEI tries to fulfil the following needs of incubatee startups:

1. Funding:
SCEI works with its incubatees to build up a solid business plan, which can then be presented to funding agencies from the SCEI network, including HNI, family portfolios, Angel Networks and Government Agencies.

2. Mentoring:
SCEI offers deep guidance and collaboration through its network of technology, domain and business mentors (alumni, corporate managers, earlier generation entrepreneurs, business partners). Mentors are encouraged to take equity in startups as remuneration for significant engagement.

3. Coaching:
SCEI coaches incubatee-startups to move up the startup business ladder: product validation, market validation, initial scaling, funding and pivoting as required.

4. Infrastructure:
The Symbiosis Innovation Laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery (eg. 3-d printers, 3D-CMMs, Laser-cutters, LIDARs, RFID, chromatographs, spectrometers, medical electronics and devices, sensor-technologies and other such) is available to incubatee startups for prototyping and research. Symbiosis departmental and institute laboratories can be made available to incubatees as required.

5. Commercial Support:
SCEI provides incubatees, through its network of professionals and faculty experts, commercial support like Accounting, Statutory CA services, ROC (and other CS) compliance services.

6. Facilities:
SCEI provides its incubatees with creature comforts including AC operating space (table/cabin), high-speed wifi, transport to and from home, tea/coffee, etc.