Business Inception Program

    “Idea” to “Design”

                             Fee: Rs. 20,000/- Special Discounts for participants from Symbiosis and Ah!Ventures

    The SCEI Inception Program (SIP) is a 8-week program designed to help and young innovators, who are committed to realizing their innovative ideas into working innovations, to morph their ideas into a market-validated prototype design with a tentative business plan.

    The program aims to help participants develop their basic innovative business idea into a detailed design of the product, a workable view of the supply chain and a brief understanding of customer requirements and delivery methods.

    In the process, the program aims to instil into the participant, a high level of confidence in his/her own ideas and capabilities to realize those ideas and keep coming up such ideas that he/she can convert to useful projects.

    The program would also help participants create award-winning business-plans for contests they may participate in.

    Participants who to go the start-up way, would be capable of moving into incubators and grow their design further through prototyping with intensive product/market validation, mentoring and seed funding, into a running business. From there, they can adopt an accelerator program to rapidly scale their business.

    Participants that decide to take up a job, would find the program experience extremely useful in terms of their CV value when interviewing for jobs and at work later.

    Applications will pass through a panel of academicians and industry people who would select promising ones for the Inception program.

    Guide interaction sessions would be held every Saturday for eight weeks. During this period, the participant would build his/her business idea to detail with guidance from startup-founders and industry mentors. Mentors from industry especially known for innovation will be invited to address the participants and have an open discussion with them. Faculty members of SIU would also contribute guidance sessions on technology and innovation. Individual participants will be reviewed and guided every week on their specific projects. Participants may get access to SCEI and SIU resources like laboratories and thought-leading/problem-solving brainstorm sessions with students in-class. Progress of each participant will be reviewed weekly with guidance provided accordingly.